Stow Cooler

Portable cooler six pack carrying case


Keep drinks cold

Slim Iceless Cooler

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Fit All The drinks

10 Cans, 12 Beer Bottles, 3 Wine Bottles

No Ice. No Mess.

Start with cold drinks. Closed-cell insulation keeps them cold for hours.

Hide + Protect

Semi-rigid case prevents breakage. Once zipped it looks like a durable laptop case.

Stow Features

Easy wipe clean, stain-proof lining and outer surface.

Cold retaining zipper. Not recommended for use with ice.

Closed cell foam insulation traps cold for on-the-go adventures.

Small Portable Cooler

Engineered to Keep Your Drinks Cold and Protected

Fit Everything you Need

3 Wine Bottles Including 1.5 L Magnum (57 oz)

6 Beer Bottles (12 oz.)

3 Beer Bombers (22 oz.)

Perfect for beach, golf, picnics, biking, hiking

Finally, a solution to keep drinks cold and protected for the beach, golf, picnics, biking, hiking and so much more.

The Stow cooler keeps your drinks cold for at least five hours. Guaranteed.

Start with cold drinks from the fridge. No ice or ice sheet needed.

Some Stow lovers ‘prep’ cooler by placing it in the fridge along with drinks for longer adventures.

The Best Small Cooler Available

Designed by engineers

 We worked hard to craft the best portable cooler on the market. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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I was in the market for a different kind of portable cooler because I've never really had success with cooler bags. I was attracted to the design of the Stow - its sleek, small and easy to carry. I decided to give it a shot and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.

– Bryce from NYC

This slim design cooler is awesome if you plan on not being gone longer than 6 hours. I've used it by putting cold bottles straight in the cooler and by putting the cooler in the fridge first to "prep" it, then adding cold beverages. In either case this easily keeps your drinks cold for 5 hours and by the 6th-7th hours they are still chilled but not as cold. It has an insulated zipper which is a great contributor to keeping the cold in. The semi hard shell is a great protector to glass bottles.

– AK

Love this product, kept my wine bottles cold, and is very stylish. Such a nice case, I bought another one to give as a present to a friend. I even used it once I bought some fish and was out and about and needed to keep it cool, so I used the StowCo...worked perfect. It's so easy to clean too. Makes a perfect Holiday gift, wine included.

– Kathy from San Diego